A Christmas Carol at Windsor Castle

This year Windsor Castle opened up as a venue to host Dicken’s famous A Christmas Carol to be held. As a pack my Brownies were told, and one wintery Monday evening we headed up to the castle. Only being my third visit, I still find it exciting walking in through the visitors entrance. We headed up to the state apartments and entered the Waterloo room on where the play will be held. The stage was in the centre of the room with chairs along each of the edges, leaving little gaps between… Read More

Reasons why we should love Sheridan

So I’m laid in bed with a cuppa Horlicks, candle burnings watching Sheridan. An audience style show where Alexander Armstrong asks her questions about different roles. Thinking about all the roles she has been in. There’s nothing she has done you can’t love her in. Gavin and Stacey was where I noticed Sheridan. I remember her character from The Royle Family and her role in Two pints of larger and a packet of crisps. Gavin and Stacey is my favourite Welsh show due to the comedy, how you relate to characters and the… Read More

Theatre Review: The Power of Imagination, Windsor

Living in Windsor, I have the choice of two theatres to attend and a numerous of comedy clubs to attend. One is Fire Station Windsor which you can imagine is a refurbished fire station turned into bar and theatre. The venue is small, with a floor style stage and teared seating arrangement, but if you can go, I would fully recommend it. One Friday night I was lucky enough to have gotten a ticket to go see The Power of Imagination by Lance Corporal Richard Jones. You may recognise the name if… Read More

Theatre Review: The Best Man

It was my birthday last month, for it, I asked my dad if we could go to the theatre in Windsor to watch The Best Man. The Best Man is about two opposing presidential party candidates are neck and neck in an unscrupulous battle for the nomination. They battle to get endorsement from the president whom they both need to win the election. Martin Shaw plays one of the candidates who is secretary of state and an american called Jeff Fahey plays the opposite new leader. One surprise for me in the… Read More

Five musicals I think you should go see….

Like my blog 29 things I’ve learnt before turning 30 says I have a love for musicals. Starting from seeing Starlight Express from being young, to carrying on seeing shows like Matilda, Wizard of Oz, Love Never Dies and Little Shop of Horrors. Like my travel blogs, I thought I would share my Five musicals I think you should go see…. One. Legally Blonde. One of my favourite show ever, I’ve seen it on stage three times. I’m in love with it. I think the show is a classic, has a good-feel-feeling about… Read More

Why I love the Theatre

I love going to the theatre, the feeling you get when the show is over. The fact you know your going to be what only I could express is wow’d throughout. I’ve been going since I was very little, as I was lucky enough to have my parents take me. I remember being young seeing a ballet version of The Brontes and seeing South Korean performers on stage which could only be described as toilet roll on their head. As I’ve got older, I’ve been lucky enough to see more plays and… Read More

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