Outside in Windsor

I am lucky to say that Windsor is where I live. It maybe expensive. It may have no pound shops, Primark, cinema or Mexican restaurant. It does have a beautiful castle, a river to walk down, a huge park, lots of posh shops and restaurants to dine out in and a theatre. Is soon to be the host of two upcoming Royal Weddings and draws in a huge crowd of tourists into this small town. Has some cool places to spend time outside.

A private tour of Queen Mary’s Dolls House

I was really privileged to go for a private tour of the Queen Mary’s Doll House situated in Windsor Castle. These tours are not always open to the general public so been invited I was very lucky.

Photo Diary: Savill Gardens, Windsor

Savill Gardens has been opened since the 1930s, just outside Windsor in The Great Park. It stretches across 35 acres of interconnected gardens include the Hidden Gardens, Spring Wood and the Summer Gardens. In 2006 Savill Building was opened by the park range Duke of Edinburgh. In 2010, the Queen opened the Rose Garden. At Winter time they open the gardens for free, as the water freezes over and the plants start hibernating (or whatever they do!).

A Christmas Carol at Windsor Castle

This year Windsor Castle opened up as a venue to host Dicken’s famous A Christmas Carol to be held. As a pack my Brownies were told, and one wintery Monday evening we headed up to the castle. Only being my third visit, I still find it exciting walking in through the visitors entrance. We headed up to the state apartments and entered the Waterloo room on where the play will be held. The stage was in the centre of the room with chairs along each of the edges, leaving little gaps between… Read More

My first Christmas in Windsor

When you think of Windsor you think of the Royal Family. The massive castle in the centre, the long walk and being close to the little place Eton. If you live close by you think of it somewhere going out to dinner, to go shopping, meet friends go for a walk or quite simply bein a tourist. This year was my first time spending real time in Windsor I have enjoyed it. I thought I would share my top things to do. Moving to Windsor, everyone told me you need to visit… Read More

A date for one in Windsor

I’m going through a few big life changes at the minute so I’m always looking for ways to distract myself and keep my mind busy. I personally know myself that if I don’t kick myself out that I will make myself worse. How can it be a date for one be beneficial? I can’t emphasise enough how important it really is? You’re not as comfortable as you would be at home, sure. You can’t just jump into your sweat pants and stick your feet up and watch a movie. If you go to… Read More

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