I don’t often have a boost in life or something which gives me the get up and go. However recently I was in a very long meeting and had to speak about my achievements. I prefer to show off other people and their accomplishments then look at mine. It did manage to give me that boost I needed.

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I could honestly write a list of different obstacles I have to face each day just to be able to function.

I have been told that obstacles are challenges we need to over come and sometimes we overcome them each day but every morning we wake up we face it all over again. That’s life and we need to accept this.

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Another 10 facts about myself

This month I have decided to blog everyday and take part in Blurt Foundation 30 day #BlurtSelfCareathon where I am to write a post every day. Blurt Foundation are a social enterprise who support people with depression. They send out boxes called the Buddy Box which sends little things to a person to cheer them up. On 1st April they posted this 30 day challenge. As someone suffering with depression I’ve decided to take part. Here it goes…

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March Favourites

I think March 2018, is one which I will remember as I went to Derbyshire with my nephews (& family) and to Manchester to see a musical and so snow on Saint David’s Day. The one thing which I didn’t like this month is seeing homelessness in Windsor sleeping on the streets during that time. You see it a lot living in this town, it’s sometimes scary and hard to deal with. For me I have found this particular time harder.

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A private tour of Queen Mary’s Dolls House

I was really privileged to go for a private tour of the Queen Mary’s Doll House situated in Windsor Castle. These tours are not always open to the general public so been invited I was very lucky.

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My Mental Health Story: Taking one tablet

Every morning I have to take tablets and every night I have to take another tablet. I have to take others through the day if I need them. Every time it takes me two hours to be brave enough to take it. Every time I hate the feeling that I have to take medication to feel normal. I have to remind myself on why I take these tablets and my three reasons why I take them.

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