Christmas Cola Cola Truck 2015

For years and years I always got excited about seeing the advert, hearing the song and seeing the red truck. Yes, you’ve guessed it, it’s the Christmas Coca Cola advert. I love the song the Holiday’s are Coming – seeing the children (& adults) get all excited about the truck rushing out to see him.

In 2007 when my mum was visiting me in Disney, I bought her two ornaments with the Coca Cola Santa on them. The Santa who made all the Santa’s outfit red. In 2009 when the Coca Cola Truck came to North Wales, me, Jess and Lois went straight there to visit. It was amazing, getting photos taken and free can’s of coke. From then each year, I have made an effort to go see the truck. For the past three years, it included cocktails and dinner with Amy. This year was different…

Hearing it was going to be in Reading, I immediately text Sarah to say can I take Josh! She replied with a YES!! We travelled into reading, went for burgers and dogs at Ed’s and made our way to the truck. When we got outside we immediately saw the truck. Then realised that the que was really long. So we got a photo taken opposite and showed Josh the truck. Telling him to look out for the advert because that’ll tell him when it’s Christmas! He might not have realised what it was, being only 15months, but to me it was perfect. I got to show him the truck. One year Josh, Bump, Sarah and me, will get an official photo done for mum to hang on her Christmas tree each year, like she does with the ornaments I got her all those years ago. I can show bump all about the truck. I know it might not be a Christmas tradition to everyone, still relatively new but to me it’s an important one. It might be a brand image marketing gimic, but hey they got it right.

Christmas memories, starts with doing it for the first time, this is one Christmas memory no matter where I am, it will continue with me. I may have missed out on other traditional Christmas activities. That’s okay, because I got to take my nephew to see the Coca Cola Truck for the first time, it was a magical moment! Thanks Josh and Sarah for making this happen!


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“Owl always Love you!”

On Friday a very loved family member sadly passed away. He was loved by all, getting his own nicknames and relationship with us all. His name came through a bizarre way due to not being able to name him but it became the name everyone knows. Our first meeting was in 2009 after being very unsure about each other, it soon became an instant love. Learning about a new world I didn’t know existed. Being amazed about the different things he can do, like walk backwards on a window ledge, not afraid of going in the bath, go to other people houses for food, jump over a baby gate and hide in a boiler tank. He loved his food, talking away early in the mornings to make you were up to feed him. He always got advent calenders, treats and exciting new things to try from me including stolen bites. In 2012 he famously made it onto the top of a wedding cake not to be missed out on the occasion. Despite all this the best thing about him, one thing I will miss tremendously is his protectiveness over my sister Sarah. When she’s been ill or pregnant, he’s always been there by her side making sure she’s well. His caring nature side even passed over to myself and my mum as well when we have stayed with him. I definitely believe that his instinct knew when something is not right. His gentleness over meeting my nephew, Joshua for the first time was tremendous, shall never be forgotten. Making sure pictures were sent to me of them together. Double Trouble they definitely were. Although my heart breaks in half, I could cry my little heart out about him, will always miss him. To me he was the best. He had the ability to bring me and my sister together, buy me amazing presents and inspire presents from Sarah too. Like my pillowcases which will stay with me forever. The photos taken of him by me or Sarah will make me smile and make me remember about the good times we share. My favourites being with his first Valentine card and our photo we got together. Owl always love you, you were the best ever cat, Neko. Sleep tight.

What I’ve been up to when not blogging!

So I haven’t posted on my blog for a whilst. It’s not because I don’t want to but mainly because I’ve been busy. Here’s the 10 things I’ve been up to lately.

  1. Life’s been revolving around my new job. Settling into the role, learning the role, learning names of a lot of people and what they do, finding my feet, learning the role itself and how things work.
  2. Learning that things take time but if you calm down it will come naturally. Oh and think about it before you go head in.
  3. There is two 6.30 in one day, but if you see 1.30am you know you won’t see 6.30am
  4. Some people leave earlier then you do so don’t complain about the time you get up.
  5. Trust your gut in both following it and with food
  6. Watching your nephew take his first steps is the best feeling
  7. If your sister is pregnant let her get on with stuff and don’t fuss!
  8. If your car makes a funny sound then check it out it could be something bad
  9. Keep in touch with the ones who love you
  10. There is a world away from daytime television – though you can catch up with This Morning clips on YouTube – just not at 1.30am!

Time has also included spending time with my nephew and watch him take his first steps. Catch up with friends from Disney. Tasting Oxtail for the first time. Quick weekend home. Realising that it’s Christmas soon – but that’s for another blog.

“If you believed they put a man on the moon”

I always got told that once you get to a certain age time goes quickly. The days will seem like hours, the months will seem like days and the year will go in blink of an eye. This year it seems that the Christmas Adverts are far too early this year? Someone in the office felt like they were “too festive” if that’s even a sentence? One advert which has got the nation talking is the John Lewis Man on the Moon advert. Last year, I fell for Monty the Penguin, wanted a penguin from the store and loved the song from Tom Odell. This year the advert has got to me in a more angry way then a positive Christmas feeling. I think it’s good that their bringing attention to elderly people at Christmas time being lonely. As this is something you do hear a lot. In Guisborough the local church does a “soup kitchen” morning where elderly people can go have a meal and company on the day. They take food donations from the local food bank, which my brownies donated to last few years. Having a little girl realise he’s on his own trying to get a present to him is sweet. Isn’t this weird where kids are told to be careful of talking to strangers? Her family think it’s fine she wants to send him a present? No-one talks to her, bats an eye lid or questions her actions? How did he get on the moon? Is he from the nursery rhyme or is he from the song R.E.M did? How did he get there? Did he have company and someone died or is he buy himself? Too many questions wondering about the advert and the basis of it. One thing for certain is that they are making life of a situation which should be brought to attention. The truth behind is that the advert costed 7,000,000 to make and would they raise that money in donation’s for charity. Time will tell, but the advert itself makes awareness for now, it won’t last forever and people will forget to check on older generations. I find the pulling of the heart strings not worthy of me and I see past it. Unlike many others talking about it. Overall good point to make awareness, but the content of the advert is something I’m not a fan off!

Lest We Forget

Today is Remembrance Sunday, but it doesn’t feel like Remembrance Sunday to me. Normally I am flapping around making sure I have the Brownie flag prepared, I have found my guider’s tab, putting on lots of layers of socks, gloves and hand warmers, collection money, sweets in my pockets with mum yelling at me “are you ready yet?” The reason is that I’m normally in Guisborough with a bunch of Brownies, marching up to the cenotaph to take part in the two minute silence, church service and watch people from all different groups, backgrounds both young and old lay wreaths. This wasn’t always the case in Guisborough……

From being a Guide aged 10 years old I took part in Rememberance Parade in Guisboorugh and one year carrying the flag. When I returned back to the North-East after three years at University witnessing Brownies take part in Chester parades. I took it upon me to find out why Brownies weren’t allowed to take part in the parade. My investigation i.e. letter’s wrote, questions asked and meetings arranged, found that it wasn’t down to the British Legion not wanting Brownies there but a Guider not wanting to take part. That cold Novemeber morning, 9 Brownies 3 leaders took part and got every person in the town saying how nice it was to see them. From then it encouraged other packs to come take part and Guisborough Guiding was represented. Last year for the 100th Brownie Birthday, I made sure my brownies layed the wreath and were represented.

Today is the first year in five years, that I’m not in Guisborough witnessing and taking part in the parade. Feels very strange. Not seeing the fire-fighters of the town, hearing the last post played by a friend in Salvation Army, seeing friends from school in their army uniform. Knowing that Brownies today were represented in Guisborough taking part, being proud of their uniform makes me smile that all that hard work five years ago was worth it. Remembering all which fought to keep this country safe, Lest We Forget….

Happpy Birthday…..

Today I wish you a Happy 30th Birthday. I hope you have a truly well spoilt day with lots of vodka oranges. I hope your husband spoils you rotten. Your baby girl gives you hugs. Thought of you being a mum brings a smile to my face. I hope you celebrate in style making sure the days not forgotten about. You celebrate with the people who love you & not just the people who you think loves you. I wish you a Happy 30th Birthday a day I thought we would be celebrating it together. As we both knownot likely to happen.

Today I wish you a happy birthday. I wish I could say it in person. Even from a far I wish you a Happy Birthday…..

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