Lollipop Heads

Whilst having lunch with my dad and Michelle we got onto the topic of presenting due to the current issue with BBC weather and the Irish man sitting in for Jeremy Vine was currently discussing on Radio 2. How Michelle wanted to be a weather girl and her explaining to my dad it’s all about auto-cue’s and pointing in a particular way. However me being me, being a weather girl is actually on the bottom end of presenting type I would like to do. If I had to be a presenter it would be for E News! However like Michelle pointed out and my dad not knowing what this phrase meant we got discussing Lollipop Heads presenters. The people who have a bigger head than their body. For example Guilianna Rancic or Fern Cotton or Cheryl! I like Cheryl and the fact that she’s a Geordie, she has balls when it comes to Simon Cowell but her physique is not something I admire or applaud. On the opposite scale you have the women who desperately try to put on weight but for health reasons can’t. So with either end of the scale you have an argument for both cases and both sets of women feeling insecure about their weight problem. Women who are skinny and want to put weight on have people to look to who present the news or weather. For plus size ladies their is no-one out there who does this. Sat around the table us three, who are interested in different topics, watch different shows could not think of one plus size presenter on the TV! This upsets me that we live in a world where young boys and girls are being told to live their lives, to not worry about what they look like etc. Yet there are no plus size TV presenters. Is this because we are too afraid of this and how the world is changing and obesity rate is growing. Are people like-minded like Katie Hopkins preaching on saying “fat people deserve to be fat?” If that’s the case, then that this is one depressing world we live in. I think we should applaud diversity and range of sizes, people and the way everyone thinks and do. If we were all the same we wouldn’t have TV shows to watch, magazines to buy or debates around a dining room TV whilst having lunch on a rainy day. Either way Lollipop Head presenters should be allowed to present TV like everyone else if like everyone else plus size presenters were allowed to too. I hope one day in my life, that the news presenter or weather person for example happens to be a plus size. I think it maybe a dream that might not never happen and that in itself is depressing!

Could I return to a place once happy?

“Never return to a place you were once happy!”

A wise old professor called Andy said this to me after I spent a year living a dream! The year I got the opportunity to full-fill my childhood job dream. I got an opportunity to be part of the “Year of a Million Dreams.” Where there was no limitation and anything was made possible. I got to find out secrets and stories that make you proud to be part of this family. I got to meet people from around the world and work with them too. I got to know secrets you couldn’t even imagine were true. For one whole year I became a Cast Member for Walt Disney World. Today I got reminded on how magical my experience was and how difficult it would be to go back!

A few days ago on timehop, a video a friend made about his year in Walt Disney World appeared on timehop. Though I count this person as a great friend who I spent time with.  The funny thing is I only make an appearance a handful time of times. The reason behind this is pure and simple – cowardliness.

His video reminded me of all the good times working there and how our experience was very different. It all started walking into Disney University to complete Traditions. To entering Magic Kingdom for the first time. To being able to skip along to Soarin’ on your lunch break and ride the ride. To meeting friends and going around the parks with them creating memories. Going to Pleasure Island and dancing all night in 8Trax to Donna Summer’s Last Dance. Getting into House of Blues at 00:13 on your birthday and having your first legal drink bought for you in a bucket! Next day trying to finish of a kitchen sink full of ice-cream, eating funnel cakes and finding it normal everything to eat is shaped like a Mickey’s head. Watching Mary Poppins on a beach or in wood. Dining with Goofy for breakfast, Princesses for Lunch and ending the day having cocktails with Sitch. Having full access into the parks, hotels, water-parks, shopping area and sports complexes. To finishing your long working day knowing you have made someone today smile and for them to enjoy their vacation/holiday even more. If your lucky like me being recognised for the hard work you did that day. To finishing your year with the best experiences, pictures to treasure and more Disney memorabilia to fill a house.

Another video recently has been circulating around on Facebook been posted by former cast members I worked with. It was from Disney and it showed how they open the park, Mickey making sure his costume is sorted, rides opening up, chefs cooking food etc. The video reminded me of the secrets or what I call the flip-side of being a cast member. I got to see first hand the secrets of the company. None that I am about to admit on here, as I wouldn’t like to spoil your experience. Things like the four keys, what the phrase “to infinity and beyond” really means, learning the secrets of the people who created the park and all about Mickey and his friends. All Disney people like me will say “It all started with a mouse” but if you are a cast member like me it starts by watching this video – Although this video brings a lump to the back of my throat makes me reach for a box of tissues.

Every day I miss Walt Disney World and wish to go back. To have a hug of Mickey Mouse welcoming me home, to eating a funnel cake whilst watching Wishes, to go ride Soarin’ and Philharmagic and to feel the magic again as a guest. Knowing that I couldn’t go through a door which said “cast members only” has always stopped me. Friends have said to me that times have changed, parks have changed, cast members are different and new characters, merchandise, rides are all there to enjoy for the first time. Even though I am not a full on Disney Geek compared to others. Disney is with me and something I love and you can enjoy without returning to Walt Disney World. In my time away I have been to the park in California and Paris, met Mickey in New York, watch the movies, see the plays and the ice-shows, order the merchandise, follow the news and the updates of what’s going on. I have more to yet discover about Disney, like the cruise line and all the routes you can do, the parks in Hong Kong and Tokyo and Disney Adventures.

I have to count myself lucky that I am one of the thousands of people, who got the opportunity to be on the Cultural Representative Program. As so many apply for this program, don’t get the opportunity to take part. I have to remember that the memories I have, good or bad whilst there. I will have with me for the rest of my life. That the world changes daily, things move on and change like the parks, the cruise line etc. It means that when I do return I know secrets, how to get around, places to go, things to eat, do, see and meet will be easier for me and whom I go with. Some people think I’m crazy that I have a problem with not being able to go backstage. To those that have experience my world there, understand what it’s like. They encourage me that you forget about it and the magic of the parks come back to you. What my wise old professor said to me still haunts me to this day. I’m asking you…..

“Would you go back to a place you were once happy?”

Inside the Actor Studio with Charlotte

Whilst flicking around reading other people’s blogs. I found someone answering a list of questions. Explaining that there from Bernard Pivot on his show Apostrophes. Personally I know them from Inside the Actor’s Studio.

Inside the Actor’s Studio. The show is presented by James Lipton where he interviews well known artists over their career including Tom Hanks, Glee, Sir Anthony Hopkins and many many more. It takes place at Pace University with students as its audience member. The format is like a seminar to students wanting to know what it’s like to be in the business. James Lipton tells them that they become the teacher of that seminar. The thing I like the best is his interview technique, as it’s slow and to the point and what you want to know and hear. My favourite one is Bradley Copper, who was a former student and is now a big movie star featuring in the Hangover Trilogy films. At the end of each interview he asks 10 questions for the interviewee to answer. I’ve always wanted to answer them, so I’m going to have a go now…..

  1. What is your favourite word? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious – when you don’t have nothing to say there is always this one….
  2. What is your least favourite word? Goodbye – it really does mean forever in some cases, where see you soon means we will meet again!
  3. What turns you on? An accent – whether it be Geordie, Canadian or American or Welsh I love the uniqueness of each one and how they each have their own language.
  4. What turns you off? People who don’t try new food – why live in a world filled with different foods and not try them?
  5. What sounds or noise do you love? Josh laughing – it’s a new sound that I’ve heard but I love it want to hear it more?
  6. What sounds or noise do you hate? Kitchen knives been sharpened – back from my college days training to be a chef, but I really don’t hate it.
  7. What is you favourite curse word? Bollocks!
  8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Being a food critic
  9. What profession would you not like to do? Be a judge – I don’t like making decisions and believe all people deserve second chances
  10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates? “It was all just for a television series?”

My current life…

So these past few months I have felt like I have taken a step backwards or more like a leap. My life has span around in a different direction and I am back to where I started. I honestly feel like I’m in a computer game and I can’t get past a level. Although that would probably make no sense to you and you will think what is this Charlotte talking about. It’s the only way I can describe my life at this moment in time. The reason behind this is because I am job hunting. Writing about myself and how brilliant I am, filling out countless application forms, searching for jobs and reading about companies I have never heard of. To have an email sent to me to say that you have been offered an interview or not. To be quite honest it really does suck. It’s boring, it’s repetitive and not creative in anyway shape or form. Then to top it off your surrounded by people who have a job and they are posting, sharing, bloging, tweeting or in some cases vloging about what they are currently doing. That get’s you all down and gloomy. Having firbromyalgia it does not help what so ever. So instead of getting even more depressed that I cannot full fill my 30 things before I’m 30 or even do the boring things like paying bills or filling up your car with petrol. I would talk about the flip side of job hunting and what I have discovered on my route to find the next job.

  1. Speaking about yourself whether it be on a cover letter or an interview you are made to think about the things you have achieved in your life. I can say that I won 5 awards whilst working for The Disney Corporation one which got me a free meal in Le Cellier. So I got cheddar soup, steak and a chocolate dessert with a bottle of wine all free just because I was nice to a family visiting the most magical place in the world. I can say that I achieved a 2:1 degree from University of Chester and all the experiences I got whilst studying there. I am a qualified teacher for post 14 years and I know how to do this with 2 and half years experience. That I am more than willing to do whatever the job may be even if it is being a DJ at a funeral or organising weddings/birthday celebrations. By doing this on a day to day basis you can think to yourself about things you’ve achieved and that in all will make you smile.
  2. As you are searching for that next role you can discover new things in life that you did not know exist. For example I have recently found out that you can do a Gin Tour in central London. How did I find this out well I was applying for a job close by and so it on Google maps. As this can be depressing as you actually need money to do these things you can of course keep lists or store it in your mind somewhere. Think one day when I have a job I can go into London and sample 15 different types of gin and ride a bike around Southbank.
  3. You never know what’s around the corner when it comes to job hunting. Although a lot of people don’t like being in limbo land, I can definitely relate to this. I have to think on how lucky I really am. I don’t have to look for a job in a certain area due to I have a child to look after or a mortgage to pay for. I am able to look for jobs wherever. Also being able to say to employers you can start tomorrow is actually a good thing. Yes you never know which direction you will be taken into next or which path to go down. You have different paths on which you can chose from. I think personally to myself tha it is a good thing and not a lot of people at my old age can say this.

Even though I could dwell on the downside of job hunting and there is quite a few things I could. I think the only thing which annoys me is when a company says you haven’t got a job and they give you no reason on why. Without the reason how are you suppose to carry on or improve on where you are going wrong. It’s a roundabout within itself but without the answer or knowing the right route to take how can you progress?

I think what I am trying to say is that even though you have to fight for companies to get noticed, your applying for a job which every other person are applying for. You have to make yourself individual showing them you have got the skills they are looking for. It’s not guaranteed you can predict or know what they require. I think that’s the adventure of it all and that’s what keeps you going when applying for work, day in day out. You have to have some faith that you will find a job and it will be all worth it in the end and you will be able to pay for the things you want to do.

I would also like to add on to the bottom of this, to thank my family for their support, guidance, encouragement and endless supply of a bed to sleep in, a roof over my head and food in my belly. You know who you are and without you I wouldn’t be able to get through it all. Thank you!!

Quotes from a inspirational woman

I’ve just posted a blog about plus sizes and in that I talk about Melissa Mccarthy and the way she inspires me. However I missed out these quotes from her. These quotes have inspired me to feel comfortable the way I am. To embrace my curves and my wobbly bits like Bridget Jones. There is never perfection of a body no matter what size you are. To never change who you are. To always believe in yourself and think highly of yourself. To believe that there is a new world out there and you can be apart of the change. To believe that happy ever endings can happen for plus size girls. Thank you Melissa for inspiring this Charlotte.

melissa-monday            images      2          mm8

Being Plus Size

After talking about other people’s fashion blogs I follow like What Laura Loves, Pretty Big Butterflies, Fabulously Fat Fashion. I’ve decided to write about all things plus size and what I love and hate. The thing about these women I love is there positivity about plus size fashion. That fashion should be available to everyone whether its clothes, boots, shoes, lingerie etc. A lot of people think that fashionable clothes should stop at a size 14 even saying that a size 16 and 18 is too big. What these ladies do is promote shops that sell larger size clothes like Simply Be, Yours Clothing and Evans to name a few. They then say about how you can wear anything you want and feel positive about yourself. I respect these ladies as they have the confidence to wear what they want and not care about what others think. I would love to have confidence like that but I’m nowhere near, I am working on it. However supporting shops and clothing lines who do sizes above a size 14 is the way forward.

I remember talking to someone over dinner about them working for Jack Wills and me saying that I couldn’t find a woman’s hoodie to fit me and to get one I had to go in the men’s department. Instead of being all supportive over this decision she ended up being blunt and very hurtful at the time. Her response was that Jack Wills don’t want to make bigger size hoodies as they don’t want their brand on a plus size woman. They only want their brand to be on skinnier women and men. Though this was true and after much research I found other people agreeing with her, it made me not want a Jack Wills hoodie no more. Same for all the clothing ranges out there like Jack Wills, Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch hence a reason why I am not big on brand named clothing.

I think in today’s world there is too much emphasis on being a thin person but in true fact that’s not always going to be the case for everyone. When I was a size 16 living in Disney, I was thinner, but I wasn’t skinny as I still had a muffin top and bingo wings but was healthier. I was encouraged to lose more weight however I felt I was losing my shape and curves. I think the pressure of this is from clothes shops who don’t carry bigger sizes. Seeing models, actresses, wearing barley anything supported by barley anything on their frame. I’m not going to blog to say I don’t respect some of these women because I do, but my main respect for them is something else and not their size. I would like to lose weight only to feel happier in the clothes I wear and own, but I will never want to be anything lower then a size 16. In today’s society we need people who we can relate to size wise, intellect and respect for who they are as a person. For years now I have respected and loved much so I named my car after her character in Gilmore Girls. I love the way she has taken the movie industry by storm, shown the world what she can do and have earned respect. This lady is none other then the talented and beautiful Melissa Mccarthy.

Melissa Mccarthy is a plus size lady who a few years ago took the red carpet showing that plus size women can dress fabulously on the red carpet. Melissa is lucky as when she’s on the TV whether it be Gilmore Girls or Mike and Molly or in the films like Bridesmaids, Spy or Identify Thief she always looks fabulous. This is because of the stylist and people behind the scenes dressing her. I think she takes this and puts it into her day to day clothing when not working. She’s appeared on magazine covers looking fabulous causing people to have their opinion of her being good or bad. Magazine covers such as Rolling Stones, Elle Magazine and Entertainment and People Magazine.

The latest thing she has started is her clothing line from sizes 4 to 28, as she belives people look better when they are comfy. In the UK we have two types of shops, shops for normal people sizes 0 to 16 and plus size shops for sizes 14 to 32. To have a shop which caters for both is very rare and unique. I think as it won’t be a plus size store or have that name attached to it, it will open it up to more customers. With Melissa’s new line ranging from a size 4 to 28 she will take the clothing industry by storm. Her line is bright and colourful, fun and fresh and flawless with the new trends. I think anyone can wear it and it doesn’t depend on size. Though this clothing line is only in the US I cannot wait to see it in the UK. However if you are wanting a piece ASAP you can order from Macy’s website and they will deliver to the UK. Phew….

Another thing I want to comment on about plus size women and their ability to wanting to change the world is model Tess Holliday, dancer Whitney Thore’s  and the two women off My Big Beautiful Wedding Dress on BBC. All these women have different working life and how they shot to fame, but they all believe that anything out there should be open to everyone. Tess Holliday being the first ever plus size model, having a large follower on social networks and the main inspiration to other bloggers out there. She has conquered the world and has shown that beauty can come in all shapes and sizes. To Whitney Thore and her ability to never stop what she wants to do in life and that is dancing. She may have become plus size due to a health problem which she suffers with but never stops believing. She wants to show the world she can dance, to teach others and to bring smiles to people she meet. Watching her show on TLC you really get to respect and understand where she is coming from. Like other girls in the world, they dream of their wedding day and the gown you wear. Hearing that not only plus size wedding dress shops have happened in the US such as curvy brides on TLC but for two shop owners to open one here in the UK is amazing. To shout out they don’t own a wedding dress from a size zero to a size fourteen is amazing. Giving plus size girls a chance to look fabulous on their wedding day surely is the best job in the world.

I am a plus size girl, I don’t always embrace my curves or my wobbly bits, but it is something I am working on. I know I will never be a size zero as long as their is bacon, chocolate and Mexican food on the planet. I know that some shops will never carry larger sizes, but I don’t care as I won’t support them. Someday this will all change. To know and to understand that you’re not the only one out there. There are role models you can look up to like Melissa Mccarthy who look fabulous and living their dream. Normal people living there’s like What Laura Loves and Fabulously Fat Fashion two ladies who live in the North East and blog their way through life. Showing what to wear, giving their opinion over clothes, showing you their is a plus size community and you’re not alone. Those who have made a name for themselves like Tess Holliday and Whitney Thore following their dream no matter their size is. To all the plus size women out there I salute you for what you do and how you want to make this world a better place. Thank you 🙂

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