Salmon, Strawberry, Avacado and Pomegranate Salad

Its been a hot summers day, so it wasn’t hard to make a decision on what to have for tea tonight! Especially as a request for Salmon was made.

So tonight’s tea was Poached Salmon, Strawberrys, Avacado, Pomegranate and leaves with a vinegrette dressing.

I love cooking salmon in a hot water bath on the hob. Added lemon into the water & corriander. It comes out tasting fresh and light. I hate when you have a piece of fish and you can’t taste the flavour of the fish. Apart from when its covered in batter dunked in curry sauce!

I love mixing fruit in salads, gives a nice flavour and makes it easier to eat a salad. I love avocados for the slimeyness, taste & texture. Strawberrys to keep my sweet tooth happy & pomegranates for the crunch!

Perception on salad is always different to anyone you talk to. My stepdad thinks fruit shouldn’t be added into salads. If you see his salad it be lettuce, tomato, branston pickle, potato’s and some type of meat.

Either way tonight was salad and it was delicious. Doesn’t matter how you have your salad you can’t beat a vibrant salad on a hot summers day!

My life as a chef

I love cooking, trying new things, combining different ingredients together to see if it works! It goes back to being a kid and cooking with my dad, some of my best memorys i have as a kid!

At school I loved cooking, to making bread that took over the car in primary school, to making scones in year 7, to my famous ginger biscuits & making my one & only shepherds pie. It’s also the course I passed at GCSE.

I went on to study this at college, tho restaurant life isn’t for me, I made it through! I finally learnt how to make Indian & Chinese – the reason why I love their supermarkets!

I still love to cook, it’s definitely a passion & one I love & one that will stick with me. I’ll never be the next Mary Berry or Nigella Lawson. I will always be inspired by them & watch their shows & try the recips…. so watch this space & recipes on the next adventures of Charlotte the Chef!

British – what is it?

The new Google advert keeps popping up on TV. Its the one where it says about talking into your phone asking questions. One of the question is “what is britishness?” It’s making me think, what makes me british?

I worked in Epcot, Disney and I was constantly been asked what it was like to live in Britain. Never asked what made me feel British? Ask an American what makes them an American and they’ll probably say patriotism, free speech, stars &  stripes etc. In Britain it’s completely different.

The only time we are patriotic is on 11th November for poppy day! When the Queen celebrates a big birthday, being on the throne for years, a couple getting married or sports events….

Being British to me is not any of them…. it’s not when England playing on TV, attending a festival, Wimbledon, going down the seaside, eating a Yorkshire pudding or singing the national anthem. If I don’t experience these things, does this make me less British?

I think being British to me is knowledge of knowing these things… the recipe of how to make Yorkshire pudding or that roast dinner, knowing why its important to move your head from side to side watching tennis, feeling the urge to sing national anthem at the start of the football match, to love the queen or to pay your respect on poppy day.

I love being British but I sometimes wonder could I be more British? As a country could the Britishness be more important here like in America with flags in front garden… who knows??


Since I got diagnosed with Fibro my brain is constantly thinking or worrying especially at night. I know I should be switching off lying in bed counting sheep. I’m thinking my back is sore, feet have mega blisters & I cannot decide if i need the loo or a drink. I get bored & either read or watch TV till i drift off or the worrying breaks me down…

Once I’m asleep, I know I’ll never get that replenished sleep I’m wanting & will wake up in more pain or same amount. Then you start the day the same way wanting sleep hoping for some replenished sleep & in pain.

Someone a while ago recommended a sleep therapy course, I looked into it & what a complete waste of money. It’s getting a sleep machine (hearing trickling water will make me pee more!) & then a machine to see how much & what level you get. Thanks to my mobile I can do both already. This course costed £90 including a fitness routine, sleep routine & a helpline number.

I did try the sleep machine app & it made me worry more & hearing a jungle sound was just weird. I downloaded an app which confirmed I was only getting level 1 sleep instead of a combination of all levels.

So I think until something major happens I’ll probably be blogging hoping to fall asleep soon! Maybe I should try the sleep machine app again & find a new sound. I don’t want to be like the guy from Sex and the City Carrie dated, it just be embarrassing. Hope you get the sleep you deserve!

I love being an Auntie…

In September 2014 I became an Auntie to a gorgeous little boy called Joshua. That morning Sarah rang & told me & it was the best feeling ever! Immediately after I went for Waffles to celebrate!

Since then I have been introduced to changing nappies, bottles, bath time, food & the way it tastes. Every time I see him he changes so much. Sitting up, eating food and playing, interacting & everything!

Thing i love the most is the influence I’ve had in learning how to take a selfie! It all started when our first photo was a selfie, he then bought me a selfie stick for Christmas & recently he pinched his Uncle Andrews phone to take one! He loves it & taking photos he just smiles all the time.

Next is becoming a Disney geek like his mum, grandma & Auntie Char! Cannot wait until we go & meet Mickey for real!!!

Jokes aside he really is the best thing ever to come into my life. Makes me want to push myself more & more to do well in life. I just hope I don’t let him down & he’s proud of his Auntie Char! Because his Auntie Char will always be proud of him!

Love you Joshua!! From your only real blood Auntie xxxx

My first ever blog…

I’m very new to this whole blog thing. Read plenty of them but never knew how people organised one, until I asked my dad this morning. So let’s see how this goes….

I’m currently sat in my older sisters house, babysitting my soon to be 9 month old nephew Joshua, constantly looking at the camera of him sleeping, wondering where her cat, Neko is, waiting for pizza & watching the last 10mins of Bridget Jones’s Diary and writing this!

Seeing Bridget Jones start a diary and take control of her life… I’ve decided to the same and start this blog.

I’ve been wanting to start one for a whilst since  watching Julia and Julie about a nearly 30 year old person writing a blog about cooking her way through the Julia Child cookery book. All too familiar film but different in some. I love to cook she loves to cook. She’s nearly 30 I’m nearly 30. Wants a new challenge, me too. However this character is also married, I’m single. She has a job me not so much. Has her own place, me not so much too. However we both start a blog & here it goes, i just need to fill in the other gaps! Been wanting to do this since watching Julia and Julie about a nearly 30 year old person writing a blog about cooking her way through the Julia Child cookery book. All too familiar film but different in some. I love to

So I want my blog to display my life, my thoughts, my loves, my hates, the things i find crazy, dealing with fibromyalgia and just my outlook on life.

Hope you enjoy! Charlotte 🙂


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