Looking back

It’s day 31. I’ve completed my 30 day writing challenge, it’s not time to reflect on the past 30 days. Like I said in 30 Day Writing Challenge – What it’s about? First thing I learn’t is that you have to be committed to take on this challenge. Though some days it was hard to blog, I did achieve this 75% of the time. Some of the topics were hard to write, where some I could write quickly and some got me thinking deeply about me. The hardest blogs really did make me… Read More

One thing I’m looking forward to?

Day 30 – One thing I’m looking forward to? Turning Thirty! I’m turning 30 mid August. Although its still more than two months away. I’m looking forward to it, as I’m spreading it out over different weekends spent with both family and friends. Not all plans have been finalised. I will keep you up to date when I can. On the actual day of my birthday I want to spend it with my nephews. I don’t care what we do as long as they are both happy and I get auntie hugs,… Read More

My 21st birthday

My 21st birthday was celebrated in 2007 in Walt Disney World whilst I was a Cultural Representative. As soon as it turned midnight I went to House of Blues – a nightclub where I danced away until the early hours. The next morning I woke up and spent the day in Magic Kingdom, riding the rides and meeting characters. Afterwards I went to EPCOT for drinks around the world. Ended the night in Downton Disney, dancing the night away to Donna Summer’s Last Dance. I loved my 21st Birthday as it’s a… Read More

Words I say lot

Day 28 – Word or Phrase you use constantly?  If my dad was writing this he would write that the phrase I use constantly is I’m not being funny, but…. which is some what true. As I do use this phrase constantly. I would hope it to be something more articulate. I doubt that would ever be possible. Looking at the meaning of the phrase. I found out it comes from the North England. Being a northerner myself, I do feel like I’m keeping my roots when I say it. Though I know… Read More

OOTD: What I wore

Day 27 – What you wore today? As it’s Friday and the bank holiday weekend. I decided to travel the five hours and come and spend the weekend at home. My mums house. As far as my outfit consisted. It was a pair of jeans from Dorothy Perkins and a blue and white striped top from Primark. It was taken in a coffee shop toilet when I met a friend to catch up. I love the style top so much I bought it in different colours. So easy to wear and comfortable…. Read More

What I would say to my ex?

Day 26 – What you would say to an ex? Quite easy really……

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