How I spent celebrating my birthday in my twenties!

As I only have 55 days left of being in my twenties and my birthday be here before I know it. I thought I would reflect and say how I celebrated my birthday through my twenties. My 20th Birthday The one I spent at Brownie camp.  Spent at Brownie camp with 15 hyper brownies who didn’t want to sleep. One brownie thinking it be funny to put toothpaste in mums slippers. Then after saying goodbye to the brownies, packing up the cars and heading home. I got a call saying could I… Read More

My 21st birthday

My 21st birthday was celebrated in 2007 in Walt Disney World whilst I was a Cultural Representative. As soon as it turned midnight I went to House of Blues – a nightclub where I danced away until the early hours. The next morning I woke up and spent the day in Magic Kingdom, riding the rides and meeting characters. Afterwards I went to EPCOT for drinks around the world. Ended the night in Downton Disney, dancing the night away to Donna Summer’s Last Dance. I loved my 21st Birthday as it’s a… Read More

Carrot and Cheesecake Tower

Living with my Dad and Michelle, you often get treated to delicious cakes and treats made by them. As it was my sister Sarah 34th birthday last Friday, I thought it was a perfect opportunity for myself to bake a cake. As I looked around for different recipes, I came across Carrot and Cheesecake Tower in the latest Asda magazine. The recipe was perfect as she had mentioned she missed The Cheesecake Factory carrot cake. As I know she loves carrot cake, it was an instant hit. The recipe was easy to follow, with the cake mixture having… Read More

WARNING: Birthday Fountain Candles

Birthdays. A time to celebrate. A time to spend the day how you please. A time to drink and eat as much as you can especially cake. Today is my dad’s wife (or my step-mother) birthday. Yesterday, Dad asked me to get a cake for us to have after we got back from our meal out. I chose a red velvet cake from Waitrose. Delicious, texture, three layers and looked amazing. Looking through the draws, I couldn’t spot any candles. As Waitrose didn’t have any normal ones, I chose their birthday fountain… Read More

Josh’s 1st Birthday

September has been a very busy month for birthdays and celebrating including a birthday party.The first is my mum’s birthday. This year I felt guilty with not being at home helping her celebrate. To be fair, I knew I couldn’t be but it never changed the guilt feeling. Past years, we have always done something to celebrate, a craft fair last year, out to dinner most years or afternoon tea. Making sure flowers were bought, sweets were wrapped up and something special bought. I feel guilty, as she has done a lot… Read More

29th Birthday

Last Thursday it was my 29th birthday and even though I got lots of Facebook messages from friends and family wishing me a wonderful day. It was a very quiet one. I’m currently at my dads, though he and his wife Michelle had to work, I spent the day in Woking wandering around the shops, trying on clothes I couldn’t afford, applying for jobs I probably won’t get, watching lots of TV and drinking alcohol. Not exactly what a normal 29 year old would be doing then again am I normal 29… Read More

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