A quick a stop into London

I got told by my new boss that I had to go to our London offices for training. I boarded a very busy train (read this blog to find out what happened) to London. Arrived and headed to out London Offices. It was so hot that day, I decided to pick up an Iced Coffee to help cool me down and wake me up. I arrived into the offices set in a 1970s style tower block and did my course. After the course was done, I was told there was no point to head… Read More

Why I wouldn’t choose to go to a zoo?

As I’ve got older my love for animals is slowly disappearing. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t like to see any animal in danger or hurt. My love for animals is not a strong one as I’ve got older. Watching David Attenborough show about him turning 90 on BBC 1. I realised that I have no love or want to go to a zoo on safari park. I made the comment to say that “there are so many more places I would take my nephews then to a zoo.” I think it’s… Read More

Throwback to Saint Patrick’s Day

As it’s Saint Patrick’s Day, I thought I would reminisce and remember about past Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations I’ve had. A day to drink Guinness, eat stew and spend with friends. Saint Patrick’s Day in Disney. Whilst spending a year in Disney, I regularly went on nights out with fellow cast members. Each Monday we did a night where the lads and lasses separately had drinks and games before heading out and meeting up. On this specific night we have themes. As we had many cast members from Northern Ireland, celebrating Saint Patrick’s… Read More

Film Review: Inside Out

I don’t always get the opportunity to chill out and watch a movie since living with my dad. It’s something I actually miss. Living with my step-dad Ian he constantly left DVDs in my room of the ones he think I would like. This time last year when he was ill, had no energy we had movie marathons. He introduced me to Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Hotel Transylvania (which is surprisingly good!) Iron Man and much much more. Thanks to him I can honestly say I don’t just love… Read More

Smile’s and frown’s!

I’ve been reading Sarah Milican’s online magazine called Standard. She admits five things that make her smile and five things that makes her frown!! Let’s start this…. five things that make me smile! One. Being an Auntie, my family and friends – If you have read my blogs previously, you will know that I’m an Auntie and I have a little nephew called Joshua. He makes me smile from ear to ear. He’s growing up so fast, it’s so exciting to see especially his new one learning who Mickey and Minnie are!… Read More

Finding Neverland

In the world which we live in today, we can’t open a wardrobe door and find Narnia, we can’t board a train at Platfrom 9 and 3/4 to Hogwarts, fall down a Rabbit Hole to meet the Madhatter or take the second star to the right and straight on until morning to get to Neverland. We live in a more complex world and have to have jobs, cars, houses and pay bills in order to survive. As this world is not going ever so right for me at the moment. I asked a… Read More

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Living life sober, without fear

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