Looking back

It’s day 31. I’ve completed my 30 day writing challenge, it’s not time to reflect on the past 30 days. Like I said in 30 Day Writing Challenge – What it’s about? First thing I learn’t is that you have to be committed to take on this challenge. Though some days it was hard to blog, I did achieve this 75% of the time. Some of the topics were hard to write, where some I could write quickly and some got me thinking deeply about me. The hardest blogs really did make me… Read More

Sprit of Summer – Marks and Spencer Summer Range

Marks and Spencer have brought out their new Spirit of Summer range for 2016. Previous years they have done the Best of British and Taste of Summer. This year aim is to bring vibrant colourful food inspired from across the Americas. The range has a combination of starters, mains, desserts, snacks and drinks and so much more. I thought I would share some of the food which I have been having. The chicken and chorizo empanadas and the pulled pork pastries are mouth-watering delicious snacks. However the pulled pork has a salty taste which… Read More

All about my family…

Day 23 – A family member you dislike.  As I know some of my immediate family members read this, I’m not going to sit and write something negative. Like every other family, we’ve had our ups and downs, seen sad times and happy times together. I appreciate them, I love them and at times I will put my hands up and say they annoy me. Not all the time, but they do. I think for me personally, if they weren’t around I would miss them. If anything I’ve learnt, I know they… Read More


Today is my Grandmother’s birthday. I’m sad to say that I don’t remember meeting her as she passed away before I could talk. She was such a big part of my own mother’s life, that I’ve heard lots of stories about her. I wished for myself I could have gotten to know her for myself. To learn her secrets about cooking and tasted her famous chessecake and scones. I wish I could have spoke to her about growing up and when she met my Grandfather. Most importantly about her life living in… Read More

A food you dislike

Day 10 – A fruit you dislike and why.  A fruit I do not like is Bananas. This isn’t a recent dislike, it’s being going on since I was about 1 year old. My mum gave me a banana on toast, few mins later I threw it up. She thought it was a one off, on the second attempt I did it again she knew there was something up. As I got older, I disliked the taste, the feel and even the look of it. I could smell it out when it… Read More

Down on the Farm!

Amners Farm is a working farm on the outskirts of Reading. Two weeks out of the year, they open their farm to allow lots of visitors to walk around and experience some first hand farming experience. Sarah and I planned on doing something fun with the boys whilst their dad was away playing golf, off to the farm we went. Sarah pre-booked the tickets, we put on our wellies, rain coats and headed to the farm. It has lots of things to keep little ones (& big ones) entertained. First stop was the… Read More

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