Sensations, Woking Leisure Centre

This is not a restaurant review. This is a room review. Last week I got a text off my sister, asking me if I was free on Saturday morning to spend some time with her and my nephews. As an auntie, I jump at any chance to spend time with my nephews. Sarah chose the sensation room, in Woking Leisure Centre as it would mean my youngest nephew Eoin could enjoy it as well as Joshua. Sensation room is a multi-sensory room, with multi-colour bubble tube, touch sensitive walls, fibre optics, interactive lights… Read More

Colouring Books

The art of colouring as a child has officially began again for this Charlotte.Though I’m not a child, I’m an adult…. good thing there’s adult colouring books to buy.  Colouring books are no longer for children, they are becoming increasingly popular again with adults. You can now walk into shops and get a theme which suits you. I have two, I have one which is based around Harry Potter I got from Costco and another which I got recently from a friend based on Great British Bake Off. Food and Harry Potter,… Read More

Feeling Positive

Everyday for the past 13 days I have seen friends on Facebook saying about something positive happening to them. They mark down what it was, big or small and post it as a status. Personally I feel like it’s sharing your dirty washing in public. Friends of mine on Facebook are going through tough times. This is their outlook so you shouldn’t judge. Personally my outlook is this webpage. It’s got me thinking about feeling positive? At the Brownie Camps I’ve attended we always ask the girls about what they enjoyed the best…. Read More

Practice Makes Perfect

From being young, teachers, family members, friends, role models, TV, books, films and people around me have always said that practice makes perfect. This is true, in order to do something successfully then you need to be able to practice in order to do something right. This means you have to experience or practice something. Even in different parts of my life growing up, I’ve had to cope with situations, but this meant re-doing something and over time it became easier. Witnessing and talking to children with life-threatening conditions. Talking to people… Read More

Lumie Bodyclock

When starting my new job, one of my biggest concerns was getting up early in the mornings. I’ve never ever been an early bird. I struggled getting up for school, constantly slept in / late for lectures at university. Starting my new job, I realised that this was something I needed to tackle and get help with. No alarm clock was going to help this time. Discussing this topic at work, one of the girls mentioned she had a Lumie Bodyclock. Already knowing about this product from watching a blog about a… Read More

Apologising again!

Yet again, I’ve not been posting blogs on here. I’m sorry!!! It’s not because I have forgotten about this or that I have been super busy because either of them is not true. Honestly it’s because I generally haven’t been feeling myself lately. When I do this I tend to go into a pattern where I don’t talk or communicate unless your around me. I always feel that when it comes to that time of my month or ill. I go quiet for the risk of losing or saying something stupid. With… Read More

Sober Again

Living life sober, without fear

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