Food Festival: British Food Festival

Travelling in and out of Windsor I see a lot of advertisements for events happening in the area. I spotted the British Food Festival been advertised. Checking the website I was appealed, when telling my Dad and Michelle we decided to go. Arriving inside Windsor Racecourse there was a less cars then I expected. No ques to get in. When through the ticket barrier, the area was quiet with not many people walking around. I think this was because the weather forecast was poor and it was currently rainy. Moving around we were… Read More

Happy 4th July!

Today is 4th July, Independence Day in America, it is the day where you celebrate the Independence of America which happened on this date in 1776. I’m lucky enough to have celebrated this day in America. Talking and listening to American’s you realise what this day means to them. You see the patriotism that comes out of them, how proud they feel to be American. I love that about the country, living in England you don’t see it, unless it’s sport related. It’s not just the patriotism it’s the food and drink… Read More

Mary Berry’s Cherry Bundt Cake

I wanted to bake a cake for my Dad and Michelle returning back off holiday. That weekend it was Father’s Day, so I wanted something a bit special. Flicking through recipes, choosing what type to make, I decided to for a fruit based one. Having made the Cherry Bundt Cake before, I thought it would be perfect for the occasion. This cake appeared on BBC 2 Great British Bake Off, as a technical bake in series 12. The amateur bakers were given a recipe with no cooking time or instruction on how to… Read More

Being the New Girl

No this isn’t a blog about New Girl the TV show featuring Zoe Deschanel. How to survive your first week in a new job. I’m two weeks into my new job. Though I’ve been a new girl before it’s still terrifying nervous walking in. I thought I would share some tips, I’ve been told: Dress confidently. When walking into a new office, where something you feel comfortable with. If you feel fabulous it will portray confidence. Obviously be careful how you dress, as first impressions count. Take note of what people wear, this will help with wardrobe choices…. Read More

Restaurant Review: Cattle Grid, Windsor

Today was my first day in my new job. It’s based in the historic town of Windsor. Short few steps away from Windsor Castle where the Queen and Prince Philip stay at. The town is busy and filled with tourists. I’ve been to Windsor a few times, with family wandering around the centre. Stayed there and witnessed my Dad and his wife Michelle marry. Entering my new job I was told I was heading out to lunch. One of the girls had booked a restaurant called Cattle Grid Steak House. Walking inside… Read More

Food Festivals – Proper Food Fest 2016

On Twitter, I spotted a blogger from the North-East, re-tweeting about this a food festival happening in South Shields. Going home for the bank holiday weekend, I thought lets go. This particular food festival is running for the second year with four different locations. It runs over three days, from 10am to 5pm and is free for all guests to visit.  Turning up on a breezy Sunday afternoon, the car parks locally were busy. Taking place in a  park it has four rows of stalls and on the outskirts lots of hot food to… Read More

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