Woodley Carnival Parade

Yesterday I went to visit my gorgeous nephews, Josh and Eoin and there mam and dad. It was Woodley Carnival Parade. I’ve heard about this event from Sarah taking part with her Brownies and Guides. It’s where lots of clubs, schools do a parade through Woodley town. Lots of them have trucks which allows the kids to sit on board, dancing, singing and joining in. This year I got to go with my nephews. It was Cowboy and Western themed, which apparently is the first theme they’ve ever done. Standing on a street… Read More


This week it’s #volunteersweek and it’s been trending all week on Twitter. There is an estimate of 12.7million people volunteering each month and 19.8 million people volunteering each year. This could be taking part in a fundraising event, supporting youth groups like Scouting or Guiding, going into care homes, running marathons etc. I’ve been a volunteer in GirlGuiding since age 13 starting as a pack leader. I’ve held my guiding warrant which has allowed me to run brownie packs, help at rainbow and guide meetings, run camps and help at different events for… Read More

First Night of my exciting news!

In my last blog about being a guider, I said I had some Exciting News…. to share. Tonight I have some more to share. I went to my first meeting with a new pack of Brownies. The girls welcomed me with hello’s and smiles and made me feel at ease. The guider who is currently running the unit, introduced me to her pack and showed me around the hall. The girls were getting entertained by a lady from a Bird of Prey centre. Learning about the birds, how some have oil in the feathers,… Read More

International Women Day!

As it’s International Women’s Day today, being a woman myself, I thought I would share my thoughts on some great women. These women have all inspired, influenced and made me feel proud to be a woman. I could say about the women around me inspiring me, but I think my mum, my sister, my godmother Linda, my uni-girls, Anna and Amy, BrownOwl and Brenda from Disney all know how much I respect and admire them. So here are my 8 famous women who have inspired me so far in my life. Lady… Read More

Exciting News….

Thought I would announce some exciting news. After taken little over a year off. I’ve decided to go back into Guiding. After making a joint decision to close the unit in Guisborough with my mum and another leader. I took the time off away from running a brownie pack. If your a fellow guider you will know that it’s not just 90mins. You have to plan meetings week in advance, source out material, come up with new ideas (best bit!) and then actually run the meeting. This means keeping 20+ girls entertained… Read More

Food Bank Challenge

This morning I got reminded on timehop that the past two years, I’ve done the Food Bank Challenge with my Brownies. Being a Guider for me means you get to see the girls grow and mature, excuses to plan weekly meetings and pack holidays. Challenge nights like the Food Bank Challenge. We explained to the girls the week before, what the Food Bank was and types of people who use it. Make them think about the people who use it (as this can be anyone, at any time of your life!). Said it was… Read More

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