Shooting in Orlando

Spending a year living in Orlando, I was horrified to hear that there had been a shooting massacre. Living in Orlando for a year, it was definite that I would venture out of Disney area and go to other destinations. Hearing that it was close to where we lived was worrying. Living in America, I found all Americans to be friendly and safe to be there with. Bare in mind, 75% of the time we stayed at were tourist areas. When we did venture out I felt safe. I wouldn’t think twice… Read More

Exciting News….

Thought I would announce some exciting news. After taken little over a year off. I’ve decided to go back into Guiding. After making a joint decision to close the unit in Guisborough with my mum and another leader. I took the time off away from running a brownie pack. If your a fellow guider you will know that it’s not just 90mins. You have to plan meetings week in advance, source out material, come up with new ideas (best bit!) and then actually run the meeting. This means keeping 20+ girls entertained… Read More

Popcorn vs a lump of sugar

The Guardian reported today “Eating popcorn in the cinema makes people immune to advertising.” Though new concepts of advertising is changing all the time. How does this actually work? I know popcorn is a staple food you have when going to cinema. Well for me, I know others who order sweets, nachos, hotdogs and even fruit! Yes fruit. Ok. She was on a diet, but still fruit! In the article it says that they conducted a test on two groups. First group were eating popcorn and could hold information about the adverts…. Read More

“I think I’m ready for something new?”

Recently, I have been interviewing for jobs, in different locations, for different companies and for different roles. I’m quite lucky as I’ve got a joint degree in both Marketing and Events, experience in customer service and doing administrative work. I got a call offering me a job a whilst ago. Before you think this is an announcement that I got a job, sadly it isn’t as it didn’t go through. I think I made the right decision. How do you know when something is right for you? Do you know if you’ll… Read More

Kids dressing up!

What’s going on in the world today?

There’s been a lot of headlines in the news at the moment. Some I like. Some I don’t. Some I wouldn’t even comment about and some I would rant on about. In this blog I have three topics recently taking over the news headlines which I thought I would discuss why they have caught my eye. What I don’t or do like about them. My aim is not to offend anyone. My aim is to write about topics I want to discuss and give my own opinion. Jeremy Corbyn So Jeremy Corbyn… Read More

Sober Again

Living life sober, without fear

A Girl Like You

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