Five fears I have

Day 19 – Five fears that you have.  Only five? I suppose some of them will be similar to you reading this. Fear of losing your loved ones. Fear of being involved in an attack. Fear of not being worthy of love, wealth and freedom. There are some that I don’t fear no more, rejection, not been good enough, being in pain or illness as I have experienced this. Apart from these, here are my five fears: Not being a positive role model to my nephews. Being their only blood auntie. I… Read More

Ladies Day and Kate Middleton

All girls know, when it comes to reading about what’s going on in the world of news, the Femail section of the Daily Mail is a must read. This week we’ve had two very different contrasts in the news this week. The first being Aintree Races and the second being Kate Middleton in India. Each year The Grand National comes around, I always think of three things, the first my Grandma, second to place a bet and the third pictures of Ladies Day. With placing a bet and thinking about my Gran… Read More

Fashion Icons I love

What makes a fashion icon? Can it be anyone? What makes a great fashion icon, is it someone current or can it be someone from the past? I think for me, it’s someone you can relate to. You can see them in the papers and magazine and think I could wear that. Since we’ve all been aware of Kate Middleton, she has turned into this amazing fashion icon and someone I admire. I think the reason why people like myself admire her so much is due to the fact she is a commoner… Read More

Quotes from a inspirational woman

I’ve just posted a blog about plus sizes and in that I talk about Melissa Mccarthy and the way she inspires me. However I missed out these quotes from her. These quotes have inspired me to feel comfortable the way I am. To embrace my curves and my wobbly bits like Bridget Jones. There is never perfection of a body no matter what size you are. To never change who you are. To always believe in yourself and think highly of yourself. To believe that there is a new world out there… Read More

Being Plus Size

After talking about other people’s fashion blogs I follow like What Laura Loves, Pretty Big Butterflies, Fabulously Fat Fashion. I’ve decided to write about all things plus size and what I love and hate. The thing about these women I love is there positivity about plus size fashion. That fashion should be available to everyone whether its clothes, boots, shoes, lingerie etc. A lot of people think that fashionable clothes should stop at a size 14 even saying that a size 16 and 18 is too big. What these ladies do is… Read More

Learning about a great man….

As a child, history was never a subject I enjoyed. I didn’t grasp to the subject or I could relate to. If you ask me about history today, I have a slightly similar view. This is only about certain era’s in history? (is that right?!) The prehistoric dinosaur age does not grab me!! As I’ve got older and I have discovered more, seen documentaries, movies, TV shows and even read books. I’ve become more interested in certain periods in history. I think this is because I can relate to it and find… Read More

Sober Again

Living life sober, without fear

A Girl Like You

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